Thursday, December 17, 2009

thursday things.


-anticipation of a fun date tonite with the most handsome & charming man in the world.
-prayers for my littlest, who is refusing sleep because his top teeth are coming in & causing great distress.
-gratitude for 2 little princesses who know mama needs some slack today.
-happiness that a magic christmas gnome told me some gifts i made are just perfect.
-hope for a shower & rest.
-much love for family & friends & folks all over
-beautiful music that makes me dance & sing along
-feeling very surprised i don't have a nagging sense of guilt for not vacuuming & doing dishes yet today.
-excitement, this christmas is going to be fantastic.

what are you up to today?


Lisa Gutierrez said...

I'm getting decorations together/made for Nathan's pre-k class party tomorrow! Also nursing a sore thumb. I hate booboos on my hands because....uh, I need those!

leanna marie jackson said...

awww, poor theodore. sending his teeth some prayers. and his mama. ♥

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Eve!

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