Thursday, February 25, 2010

thursday things

-it's a sick day over here, i even ordered pizza for lunch! i don't know that i've felt this feverish in years.
-beef potstickers!
-list of common misconceptions.
-beat discontentment!
-reference for herbs & spices.
-pretty birds
-brother & i made this pretty little fashion-y set:


Lisa G. said...

oh, I love Phoenix! have you seen the "Take Away Show" videos? *love*,5179

Vanessa said...

So I bought circular needles & yarn almost that exact color. Teach me to make a hat?

effie said...

lisa- i haven't seen that, thanks!
vanessa- of course, we need to have a knitting date!

oh, and i really enjoy my "thing" typo haha

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