Monday, March 1, 2010


for the first time since wednesday, i woke up feeling refreshed and well. this bout of sickness has taken it's toll: physically, mentally, and especially on the state of tidiness in my home :)

my lovey called soon after i woke up, in the morning tradition. i got a little thrill to see 3/1 on the caller id. february, without a doubt in my mind, is the worst month of the year to me. it's cold, and nearly every hurtful thing i've experienced has occurred during the month of february. it's only redeeming quality is that it's short. (not to say there haven't been fantastic february days, but in the overall sense, i just don't like the month!)

the babies are all three still sleeping, and i am relishing this alone time this a.m. it's so rare to not have a body on mine. and i do love being a mama, with my whole heart. yet there are times when it is nice to simply sit and not navigate the world one handed.

i flipped the calendar to march, and we already have lovely plans... cinnamon roll dinners and weddings and playdates, perhaps concerts. i love that my calendar is full of signs of life. every nite before bed, i write in what we've done that day and mark it off. my mom informed that the original effie did this as well, i had no idea. i can't wait until one day, i have amassed many calendars full of days we've had, and i can go back and read about my lovely life in an abbreviated, simple way.

speaking of documenting one's life, my big "analog" journal is nearly full. and i'm timid about purchasing a new one, so i've been cutting back on my journaling. i know that is such a silly thing, but i've grown very attached to this one. i started it in may 2008, and it's gotten me through so much. of course i started journaling at 14, and have made my way through many notebooks and journals. but this particular one has shown more growth than any of the older ones. i hope that can be said of the next one, also.

the children are all awake & need tending now. my intention for the day: easing back into normalcy, instead of making a mad dash for complete cleanliness & rhythm in one day. if i were to do that, as is my tendency, i surely will end up back on the couch, with bottles of garlic & vitamin C, begging the divine to heal me rapidly.

what is your intention for the day?


Anonymous said...

im glad your february is over. i, on the other hand hate march. its awful. its one big panic attack after another. and not because its march, but because april follows it. i really hate this month

effie said...

oh sister, i hope march and april fly by for you. and then summer will be around the corner! xoxo

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