Thursday, March 11, 2010

thursday things

-alice in wonderland colouring pages
-6 dishes everyone should know how to make
-just finished another biography on john lennon, i need to watch this again
-nostalgic... i always wanted one of his prints
-the kitchn - lots of inspiration here
-rue de vamp: a design blog some of my friends run. it's lovely!

we're all thrilled spring is around the corner, the girls have been nearly living outside in the backyard.


Mme Paulita said...

I love that song! and I love those rain boots!!!

Anonymous said...

mmmhey just checked out the video - great song - but what the heck is yoko doing with a blind fold on? did i miss something?


effie said...

haha sara- i don't think anyone knows what the heck yoko is doing, ever! :)

Anonymous said...

Those girls are on an exciting adventure. Emma appears to be forging the path....or perhaps holding back an angry tiger. And the red boots add that touch of class, just what's needed!

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