Thursday, March 4, 2010

thursday things

-fantastic celebrity photos. my favorite is of alfred hitchcock & his children.
-elizabeth gilbert's TED talk on nurturing creativity. 20 minutes of inspiration.
-one of my favorite photos
-summer 2010 will be the summer of dresses: this one is lovely! i need to hit the thrift store.
-hopefully getting the living room/dining room painted soon, i'm very excited about that.
-i want one of these, so very much!

yesterday was the first full day of "rhythm" and it went very well. the girls are really into doing what's next because they had so much input while creating it.

one of my top favorite songs of all time, ever. i'm still so glad i got to see them before they broke up!


Vanessa said...

Those celebrity pictures are amazing. I love it.

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