Friday, May 22, 2009

3 days til the "due date"'...

still contracting regularly, though the baby is NEVER coming.
call it off, folks!
every time the phone rings, i cringe. because i know it's someone wanting "news", and i have no news for anyone. i can assure everyone, you will know when the baby is here. it's not gonna be a week old before we get around to informing the world.

wishing folks would keep their advice to themselves. no, i will not take castor oil. yes, herbs can help.

i hate feeling so edgy constantly, being in persistent pain really takes it's toll.

time to list the happies:
-we found a couch on the side of the road, it's in great shape and very comfy.
-new sheets from the thrift store
-getting our hot water heater fixed
-spending lots of time with lovey.


VanessaKim said...

focus on the good, not the pain..

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