Monday, May 11, 2009


instead of complaining, which i so want to do, i will note my happiness for today.

-crocheted afghans on the back of chairs.
-stacks of books, preferably filled with marginalia.
-synchronized nap/quiet times!
-a cup of tea, and starlight mints.
-a tidy house. (most appreciatively, with a little help from my friends.)

oh, we should all move to bhutan, where happiness is a measure of success.

what has made you happy today?

p.s. fixed the comments... turns out they didn't work on the other layout.


VanessaKim said...

synchronized nap/quiet times..what's that?

Today..what's made me happy so far..Otto talking to me & smiling, giving Elliott a leftover cupcake from yesterday for breakfast, and eating 2 cupcakes myself.

effie said...

hah it might have been the only time they've ever been quiet at the same time in 4 years :)

cupcakes, yum! did elliott have a good birthday?

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