Monday, June 8, 2009

1986-present; 2004-forever.

here i am, and 23 at that.
i'm going to make a few "resolutions" on my birthday this year, i'm posting them for accountability.

-23 will be the year of consistency. i will be consistent in parenting my children, i will be consistent in taking care of my home. i will be consistent in treating my husband with the kindness and respect he deserves, at all times. i will be consistent in maintaining my well being: physically, mentally, spiritually.
-23 will be the year of project 365. i will do this!
-23 will be the year of perfecting tortilla making. not too fluffy, not too thin, but perfect pillows of puffy dough, best slathered with butter and honey.

this photo was taken 5 years ago, on the day the government recognizes as our wedding day.
i was ecstatic at becoming mrs. crandall, and i still am. i remember the first piece of mail we got for "mrs. brady crandall", i about peed my pants with excitement. (i know, i know, so horribly unfeminist of me. the horrors!)

there are really no words to convey to anyone else on the planet just how much we're in love. how in love we were 5 years ago, and how much more now.

i frequently hear people talking about how difficult marriage is, how hard it is to stay with the same person forever, and i don't understand this. marriage isn't hard work for us, it's fun! brady is my best friend in the whole world, and i am his. i suppose i should count my many blessings, because i know not many folks have that kind of gift.

have a beautiful day, friends.


VanessaKim said...

Let me know when you perfect those tortillas.
My camera won't turn on...I want to die now.
Yay for love.
And Happy Birthday.

Flesheater said...

mmmm I want tortillas.

and just to see you guys sometime... haha

Dóchas said...

Happy anniversay and birthday, oh wise one. :)


effie said...

we'll have a tortilla party soon :) you know, when i figure them out lol

azxure said...

Marriage isn't hard for us either - there isn't too much "compromise" because we're already on the same page with most things (from big to little).

Happy Birthday!

Anita Ann said...

Happy birthday. I lovemakin' tortillas. We have had a few difficult spots in our ten year marriage but, for the most part (98%) it has been amazing.
PS Happy Birthday

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