Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ants vs. grasshoppers vs. sloths.

i'm getting back in the swing of it, i've got the house cleaning back to normal & i'm working out the girls schedules... it's too hot to play outside past 9 & that is driving us all a little crazy. quiet time right now, vi is actually sleeping (!) & emma is "quietly" playing dress up. she keeps checking out her bedroom door to see if i can hear her.

i actually cooked dinner last nite! (cheese and bean burritos with yummy spicy rice) well, the girls, theodore and i cooked dinner... it was a party. i had theodore in the mei tai, emma and violette adding in spices & getting cheese everywhere... it was a blast! they also set the table, it was the cutest. violette put the forks on the plates, and the napkins were folded next to the cups.

and then i realized that i rarely let them really help me, because my standards are so high. of course they're never going to learn how to do anything if i'm doing everything for them. and i do it so whatever the task is will go faster or look nicer... i can be such a hypocite. and then i resent having to do everything for them, so which is it? forgive me, little wonders, for forgetting what is important.

starting tomorrow: the 30 day challenge to encourage my husband. i've tried this several times before and either forgot or gave up... this time i'm doing it all the way. it's cheesy as all get out, but maybe it will help me remember how hard he works when he forgets to take up the load of laundry for me*.

i'm ridiculously excited about both of these shows coming soon:

mewithoutYou, psalters & damien jurado
21/08/2009 7:00 tulsa, OK


The Avett Brothers
Date: 10/03/2009
Location: Midwest City, OK

violette is stirring & baby is done nursing, so off i go to prepare for another round of "go fish".

*last zinger for a month, hopefully!


Anita Ann said...

I love the 30 challenge. I should do it again! I love having my baby on my back :) My fave carrier is my podegi (sp) right now. I let my kids help me set the table and do things because it keeps them busy and involved.

effie said...

i can't wait until theodore is bigger so i can put him on my back... that is my favorite! i've never tried a podegi, but it looks comfy.

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