Monday, June 22, 2009

odds and ends.

is it possible that this photo was taken nearly a month ago? time has gone from standing still to flying away!

it's 97 degrees... which is not quite 98 degrees.... which was certainly not quite the backstreet boys. pop culture, i love it. i do worry about my honey, though. it's so hot to be outside, working, all day. (a reiteration to lovey: drink water! wear your hat! stop to eat! call me lots, please!)

i had the most beautiful moment yesterday morning while eating breakfast. the girls & brady were chatting about the difference in "short stacks" and "stacks" of pancakes, i was nursing the baby and we were all enjoying scrambled eggs and pancakes and it was just so lovely and fulfilling, i thought my heart might explode with love.

i find it entirely too amusing that emma confuses the words "carton" and "curtain". right now, she is enjoying yogurt straight from the "curtain", and hanging in her room are lovely "cartons" that cheri made.

we have ants, and i've read that many other folks i know have ants. but most folks are looking for ways to eradicate them. (including my husband who is a fan of borax.) i, however, can't help myself, i love having a gigantic ant farm in the bathroom. they are fascinating! i realized this when i was in the kitchen a bit ago, and i found myself watching a trail of them and kind of lost track of time. well, not really, it was only a minute or so, because it was while i was waiting for my bagel to toast... still, i like ants.

i'm trying to learn how to take a decent picture, it's not as simple as i imagined. but not quite so complicated, either. if that makes any sense. (by the way, thanks aaron, for answering my silly questions!) on that note, i'm off to practice!

(violette is standing up on a chair, panting and saying "oh, i'm so scared for my life!!!!" kids are a hilarious trip.)


VanessaKim said...

I despise ants. Hate them. Loathe them. I take great joy out of spraying them with vinegar & shouting "DIE, FUCKERS!" We sprayed for them yesterday. I plan on watching them twitch to their untimely deaths.

effie said...

lol you are mean :P (though i'll admit, i love spraying vinegar on other bugs i don't love as much)

Anita Ann said...

Oh ants are fun until they bite your ankles. I love to sit and listen to my kids chat.

VanessaKim said...

I lived peaceably with them until they started infesting my food. They're in EVERYTHING. They even found a way into my "air tight" jars of flour & sugar.

effie said...

haha luckily these ants haven't bitten us, or i'd go all mama bear on them.

kids conversations are so amazing!

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