Thursday, July 2, 2009


instead of folding laundry, which i so did not do last nite, i'm uploading and organizing tons of pictures on flickr. i can do that one-handed while nursing, laundry is another story! and since theodore seems to be in a serious growth spurt, i'm looking for a lot of one-handed tasks.

the fourth of july is a "holiday" i don't really enjoy. and not because i'm all anarchy or whatever, but because homemade ice cream and fireworks don't entertain me at all. i mean, i could spout reasons for why we shouldn't celebrate christmas, easter, thanksgiving... but i like those holidays. or more accurately, i like how america celebrates the holidays and traditions they've "borrowed". i'm just saying, don't expect a patriotic HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY post on saturday.

i love cloth diapering. it's immensely satisfying, and there is nothing like unloading a bunch of warm fluff straight from the dryer. surprisingly, diapers are the only laundry i like :)

since it's out there now, we've been having church at our house recently. it's just been us and my family, but our doors are always open to anyone who finds their way here. we don't have bulletins or 3 points and a poem, but it's certainly not just hanging out. we usually have supper together around 6:30-7:00, and then talk about what's going on. topics have ranged from what's going on with everyone's lives to how, specifically, do you hear from god to sitting around the computer playing games on sporcle. okay, that last one only happened once, and it was before dinner :)

nap time for baby, commence super fast cleaning marathon!


Flesheater said...

I like fireworks... Blowing stuff up and setting stuff on fire are a couple of my favorite things.

Other than that I could care less for the holiday.

Oh and once again... I'd love to come to the church thing at your house, but I cant do tuesday nights :/

VanessaKim said...

I like fireworks and homemade ice cream. GO AMERICA!
I've been hating cloth diapering. I'm SO over it. If we could afford disposables I'd just sell my whole frickin stash.

Anita Ann said...

I love cloth diapering but, because my neighbors use cheap smelling soaps my baby get a rash. So when I can do it I handwash. But, I love seeing diapers hanging on the fence and coming in smelling all nice.
I liek holidays in general. For my extended family it's the only time we really get together how sad is that?
We used to have a home Bible Study and I miss it :)

blueprint baby said...

Ok, so the 4th of July is my birthday so I can't help but LOVE it. Altho i opted for Transformers 2 instead of fireworks. I got a free beer/shot at Applebees (thanks, Julian!). I don't like shots. Never have, but I felt obligated since he was so nice and all. I think cloth diapers are just plain weird, but I love you all anyway (Vanessa, diapers are $5.99 at Aldi!).

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