Thursday, September 17, 2009

8 things - past lives and alter egos.

this is my first 8 things post, so i'm kind of excited. this week's topic is past lives and alter egos. i fancy myself multi-faceted enough to embody all of the following:

1. mary poppins.
2. children's librarian.
3. 1950's housewife.
4. a crazy, bohemian, hermit writer surrounded by composition notebooks, classic literature and tons of highliters in every color.
5. holocaust survivor. i don't know if i believe in past lives, but i know for sure that there is something to this. i remember having these extremely vivid nightmares as a tiny girl, and not having the words to explain them. and then when i learned about the holocaust and saw photos and heard stories, i knew that's what i'd been dreaming about for so long.
6. buddhist monk.
7. simone weil.
8. a zoologist.


Peacefully*Chaotic said...

OOOh!Mary Poppins!I like that idea!A spoooonful of sugar....
But on a more serious note..
You know I think I was in the holocaust as well.I am drawn to biographies and survivor's memoirs.I think I've read them all.I read and weep!
I was told I was a German soldier in a past life.Hope I didn't cause anybody any misery!
I enjoyed your list.
happy weekend!

Casey said...

I wonder what I was in a past life? I was probably a 50's housewife too, the idea of having to be just like the housewife back then irritates the living crap out of me.

Meg said...

The book Mary Poppins or the Disney Mary Poppins? The book Mary Poppins is so awesome!

I saw an awesome play recently based on the life and writings of Simone Weil. Very cool stuff. Hopefully you eat more than she did:)

effie said...

meg, totally the book.

i want to see a play about simone weil! that sounds awesome.

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