Thursday, September 24, 2009

thursday things.

-101 t.v. free activities to do with kids!
-darling little book.
-why mister rogers was the best.
-fish hat!
-radical coffee table idea. i so want to make these!
-the sweater curse.

p.s. contrary to popular belief, mr. rogers didn't serve in the military, nor did he have any tattoos! heavens forbid someone is just plain nice, with nothing to hide.


Lisa Gutierrez said...

man, I've had that fishy hat on my "to knit" list since it came out! it's SO CUTE. I may have to forgo scrappy hats and use my scraps on one.

those luggage tables look really rad! I'm always keeping an eye out for cute little suitcases at the thrift store for Nate to use on his stays with grandma.

effie said...

do it!

yea, i thought of you when i posted the luggage pic, because that yellow suitcase with the little mirror you found could be the best thing ever.

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