Thursday, September 10, 2009

thursday things.

-shaped pears!
-rules for poetry.
-50 things everyone should know how to do.
-banksy is fascinating..

this video, my friends, is the best thing i have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

I liked the shaped pears. The Hmongs in Lao do this with some sort of fruit and theirs look like a standing buddha. I see them for sale at all the Hmong markets and they are usually expensive. They are animists and they use them in their traditional ceremonies.


effie said...

cool, how expensive is expensive?

Anonymous said...

Well last time I was there several months ago they just said expensive........I asked how expensive and they tried to tell me $20. haha. I bet they are less than $5, but they maybe don't want to sell it to a foreigner because it's for their ceremonies. I don't know what kind of fruit or veg it is but they are always dried and sold alongside a bunch of other strange stuff they use. I'll take a photo when I'm back to that market in the next couple weeks.

effie said...

haha! that's great! i'll be looking forward to a picture :)

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